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Think you can't sing? Think again!

Free Your Inner Diva 


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I'm on a mission to help everyone who wants to sing and everyone who wants to breath free. From shower singers, drivers seat belters, and especially those of you who dream of expressive freedom but just can't find your courage (yet). I Help Beginner Singers To Build Their Voices From Nothing So That They Can Find Their Voice And Free their Inner Diva.  

You CAN beat your anxiety. You CAN find your voice. You CAN sing!

Our Six-Week Anxiety Busting Singer Startup course is open for pre-enrollment!!
Half price for an extremely limited time!

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The 'Build Your Powerhouse' System

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Meet Your Personal Guide to Vocal Mastery

Genesis Lorraine

IEver since I was a small child, I loved to sing! It didn't matter how I sounded, in fact, I don't think I really noticed. I just felt good when I was singing. I felt powerful, I felt alive, and I felt seen.

But the journey was long. My childhood was fraught with abuse, abandonment, and trauma. Along the way, I never forgot that music was my mission. I trained and experimented for years to build a voice that could sing every style with power and grace. And I fought tooth and nail to heal my cPTSD along the way.

In doing so, I found myself. No, I made myself.

I have labored through every stage of singing and understand firsthand the fears that can hold you back. Parallel to my music career was always the fight to conquer my trauma. With over 20 years in both performing and coaching, I have honed a unique, empathetic, and effective teaching style. Lessons here speak to your soul, your body, and your mind to help you bring yourself back into alignment and free your voice. Beloved by my students and respected by my fellow performers, I have helped so many along the way. 

This dedication was the bedrock for "Build Your Powerhouse," a program designed specifically for novices in the vocal arts and for people who want to free themselves from anxiety. You need more than theory, repetitive scales, classical wives' tales, and teachers who tell you that you're singing the wrong notes. Those can only get you so far. I have developed a streamlined system for building your voice, confidence, and style from day one; all while shaking off the forces of fight, flight, freeze, or faun.

You are not just my student. You are an artist poised for greatness. You are not just learning how to hit the notes. You are learning how to soar free. 

I have the road map so that every voice resonates with purpose, passion, and your own inner truth.

Your biggest fan,
Genesis Lorraine


Do you think you can't sing?


Have you always wanted to sing, but never got the chance?

Have you spent your days hiding a burning passion for song, feeling the rhythms and lyrics in every beat of your heart, yet never found the moment to let your own voice soar? You're not alone, and your time to shine has finally come.

  • Do you feel choked by fear?
  • Does it seem you were always meant to sing but didn't know how?
  • Are you frustrated that you've been missing this part of yourself? 
  • And when it comes down to it, do you just need to let it out?


Proven Outcomes


"I started taking lessons with Genesis to help prepare me for school, I'm attending a bfa program, and she was amazing! I feel so much more confident in my ability to sing as the new school year approaches, and thanks to her my technique is continuing to grow and improve. She's aswesome!



I’ve been taking lessons with Genesis for a little over a year now. I really appreciate how she formats the lessons to my need and learning ability. I have set personal goals such as sight reading, classical pieces, learning chords and incorporating them into songs, and progressing at a moderate speed. She has greatly helped me with every single goal and really values her time with her clients. She is pretty flexible with her dates and times and always wants to work our a schedule that works best for you! I highly recommend taking lessons with Genesis!"



"Genesis is equally talented as a musician, singer, and educator. She's always patient, but does her best to encourage and ask the best of her students."



All Our Products

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STEP 1 - Get Your Voice Moving

Vocalize: the Six-Week Singer Startup

Dive into a world where your voice doesn't just speak; it sings, it resonates, it captivates. This isn't your run-of-the-mill singing program; it's a siren's call to every hidden vocalist awaiting liberation. Crafted by maestros, personalized for you, Vocalize is an exploration of sound, style, and soul.

In this course, you will learn:

  • ​How to unlock you vocal muscles, so you can start moving freely between high and low notes. Banish the chokehold of fear.
  • Close your vocal cords on command so you can turn your voice on and off to navigate between breathy and solid sounds. Find stable ground as you reconnect with your body.
  • ​Build strength and flexibility so you can start moving like vocal yogi. Calm on the outside, energized on the inside. Collected, focused, and in control.
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STEP 2 - Vocal Virtuosos Unite!

Harmonize & Thrive: Group Online Voice Mastery Sessions

Let your voice really thrive in Online Group Mastery Voice Lessons.

Inside this training, you'll get the benefits of:

  • ​Collaborative learning: Unleash the power of community through shared lessons, gaining unique insights from your peers, for a learning environment unlike any other!
  • Personalized Feedback, Collective Growth: Get tailored advice from expert instructors while benefiting from a group setting - we make space for 1-1 attention!
  • ​Flexible, Interactive Sessions: Less than half the cost of 1-1 lessons but with the same quality of attention, and the benefits of learning with people who are just like you!
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Exclusive One-on-One Voice Lessons

Want to make it to the stage? To the stadiums? Beyond? These lessons are for when you've blown past "dare-to-dream" and are ready to sing it out loud! These lessons are your golden ticket to discovering the potent mix of passion, prowess, and persona within you.

Why our lessons crush traditional lessons:

  • ​Our teachers are trained on the cutting edge of voice science, so we can build your powerhouse faster and better than teachers of the past.
  • These lessons are written for YOUR VOICE. There is no one-size-all voice formula. There's only one of you, only one of your voice. You deserve attentive mentorship at its finest.
  • ​Belt beyond the notes! This isn't just about hitting the high notes; it's about digging deep into your artistic identity. Explore stage presence, develop resilience, get inside the anatomy of performance anxiety, and emerge as more than a singer; become a dynamic performer that will obliterate the competition.
  • Network of Excellence: Join an elite community. Our students are go-getters, dream-chasers, and boundary breakers. Benefit from exclusive workshops, guest sessions, with industry insiders, and showcase opportunities that could be the big break you've been waiting for.
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Unlock your hidden voice: Start Your Singing Journey Today!

Embark on an unexpected journey of personal-liberation with our FREE Vocal Transformation Toolkit, tailored for those who've hesitated at the thought of singing out loud. Dive in now and transform silent wishes into vibrant melodies; your voice is waiting to be heard!